Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Following TV Series

The Following is an American Crime/Drama that's follows the character of Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) an FBI agent who must track down and find a brilliant but psychotic serial killer named Joe Carroll Killer (James Purefoy).

A creepy but fascinating aspect of the serial killer Joe Carroll is his obsession with Edgar Allen Poe, an American author, poet and literary critic who is considered to be a part of the American Romantic Movement. His stories also include the themes of mystery and the macabre with the latter proving to be too big an inspiration for Joe Carroll who developed a cult based on the idea that death was somehow beautiful. This weird obsession with death and Carroll's 'followers' infatuation with his own failed novel The Gothic Sea lead to a string of frightening and bloody murders with the killers often wearing face masks of Edgar Allen Poe or even Carroll himself. The victims are often posed by their killers, often with the purpose of conveying a personal message or as a sign or tribute to Poe's work.

The posing of the bodies and the killers wearing masks is a key piece of mise-en-scene that will likely be incorporated into our own opening sequence. A current idea for our opening sequence is the killer placing a mask over his victim after having posed the body into a piece of art.

The Following is currently my favourite show on television however there are other Crime/Dramas which I like such as Hannibal and Dexter, which each have gruesome and weird murders occurring and deeply complex, mentally unstable or stable characters. I will also be doing a future post on inspiration I have taken from Hannibal.

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