Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Cast

A Victim/Dead Body: Played by me! Yeah I get the part of the dead guy which I have to say is pretty cool. There won't be much acting involved but hey that suits me as I'm definitely not an actor. There won't be any backstory to the death; the audience won't get to see it happen nor will a name be revealed. This should hope to add a strong mystery to the opening sequence and create a tense atmosphere. The position of the body will be laying directly on the floor facing up towards the ceiling. The body of the victim will be shown very clearly throughout with the camera doing a slow track up the body showing the feet, knees, waist, chest, hands, neck and then finally finish with an extreme-close up of the eye with which the camera will then rotate to create a swirling action, which will in turn dissolve and cause a match-on-action into the image of the jar of blood being mixed around. The victim will be dressed in either a white top or a shirt and either black trousers or jeans. Blood smears will be mainly on the white shirt/top to make it standout more.

The Killer/Murderer: Played by Cam Grant! The character played by Cam will not be given an identity. His face will never be shown, again to give mystery to the story and make his character quite intimidating. The killer will be shown kneeling in a pool of blood and placing his hands down into it which will then be smeared onto a wall in a lengthy and gruesome manner. As the camera tracks the body the killer will be dressing himself. When the camera reaches the point of the neck for instance the killer will be shown to tighten up a tie and put on a jacket etc. The only real feature of the killer that will be suggested as to why he is committing these murders is because he sees killing as an art form, much like the psychos in the Following which our own character is moderately based off. A strong piece of mise-en-scene to show this will be a jar/paint pot of blood which the killer will swirl around menacingly and then possibly apply to the dead body.

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