Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In-Depth Analysis of Taxi Driver Tiltes

The titles start off introducing the distribution company (Columbia Pictures) in red text, against a black background. This is a key feature that would be useful when making our own thriller/horror genre. During the 70's many horror films and even films after that era used this style with the best example being The Exorcist (1973). Other films had small variations such as a change to the colour of the text, for example Halloween (1978) which uses orange on black and The Omen (1976) which has white on black. The reason why I like this style for a title introduction is because it is engaging and intense whilst also foreshadowing something that could happen later on in the film, such as a scene of violence, death or love.

The use of the red on black at the beginning of the title sequence is very brief but effective. The titles then go into a misty scene as a taxi drives off to reveal the 'Taxi Driver' titles behind it. The second point that I took from these titles is the order in which the production crew and the cast appears. The main stars/actors of the film appear first with Robert DeNiro being first and then being followed up by Jodie Foster, Adam Brooks, Harvey Keitel etc.. The cast is then followed by the production crew starting off with the music producer, the film editors, makeup, consultants, director of photography, script writer, producers and then finally the director himself (Martin Scorsese).

What I have learnt from these titles is that the cast appears first going from the main stars and making its way down from the lesser stars or simply actors with smaller roles in the film. The crew then comes up and seems to do exactly the opposite and instead shows the smaller (but no less important) members, before progressing to the larger members such as the script writer, producers and of course the director. The directors title is generally much bolder and is more prominent. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Video for Taxi Driver opening titles

Taxi Driver opening titles

Taxi Driver is a crime/drama film from 1976. I chose this film for its opening title sequence and mainly looked at the colour of the text and the order in which each of the titles appeared. I chose this particular scene because it has a few similarities to the ideas that have been put forward for our own opening sequence. While the genre of the film may not match our own, I have found it useful and interesting.