Friday, 7 February 2014

Dexter and Hannibal opening title

I have chosen to analyze these two title opening sequences from Dexter and Hannibal as I have taken inspiration from both pieces.

Firstly Hannibal is the main inspiration for the use of the colours White and Red. The colour white is the main background for the titles creating a vast, open atmosphere which is the setting for the swirling formation of Hannibal's head which is aptly made out of blood. It creates a dark, moody atmosphere that focuses on our twisted villian. The titles appear around the mass of morphing blood, clearly and are easily visible against the white background.

Dexter is used in a similar fashion also with a heavy focus on the colour red. The whole of the opening credits in Dexter are filmed with extreme close-ups and close-ups, showing the detail on Dexter's 'Morning Routine'. Blood is a large element of the titles and the show itself which is why it relates heavily to our own project, which involves a long and lengthy pan of a dead body in a constant close-up. The idea of filming it in this way is so that the audience is drawn into the sequence to see the bloody detail in all its gruesome glory.

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