Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Film Logos: Final Versions

The first logo for our opening title sequence is the 'Nevermore Productions' logo featuring a Raven. The inspiration for the name came from my Xbox Live Gamertag, which is actually 'Nevxrmore'- notice the x? We felt that this would be fitting for our film as the definition of nevermore is; never again or never again in the future. This relates perfectly to our film opening which has a dead body as one of its main focus points. The inspiration comes from the American author and founder of the Gothic Romanticist movement of literature, Edgar Allen Poe, who is often associated with a Raven. The design of the logo is relatively simple, effectively utilising contrasting colours (black on white and vice versa) to make the image clear and interesting. The use of red for the word 'Production' is to add more colour to the logo and make it look more eye-catching and sinister. The genre of the film which is a mystery, thriller, crime, drama accompanies the graphology and overall theme of the logo.

The 'Musketeer Entertainment' logo is a reference to the nickname of our production team which includes Cam Grant, Joe Howse and myself.  This one is even more simpler than the previous one, but the intent is to just create a simple but effective logo that will fit the tone of the beginning of the film. Red text helps to be bold and add some colour to the hand drawn images of the swords, but not being to overpowering that it completely detracts from anything else in the logo.

When the logos will be added into the opening sequence they will be accompanied by sound effects. The 'Nevermore Productions' logo will have a roll of thunder and then a loud lightning crack over the top, whilst the 'Musketeer Entertainment' logo will be supported by the sliding, scratch over swords.

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